Amazon Prime Membership

Why you should buy Amazon Prime Membership


We all look for products which are cheaper than other websites. Even if we get products cheaper than our friends, we feel happy. If you shop regularly on Amazon, then you should buy Amazon Prime membership. I will tell you why you should purchase Amazon Prime membership and the cost is nothing in comparison to the benefits you receive.

  • You can watch unlimited Bollywood and Hollywood movies with Amazon Prime membership. Nowadays, movies are launched on Amazon Prime due to the COVID-19 situation and people also prefer watching movies at home.
  • You can get early access to the Amazon deals on their websites, 30 minutes before the normal buyers on Amazon.
  • If you love music, you can access millions of music in different languages without any annoying Ads.
  • When we order products, we want to get it as soon as possible. With Amazon Prime, you can get unlimited One-day and Two-day deliveries. This option is available on more than 40 million products and in more than 100 cities. Check your city here.
  • You and your kids can read more than 100 e-books, comics, and novels in different languages.
  • You can also get free in-game content for your kids. Check here for more information.

All these benefits you can get in 329 rupees if you are buying for three months. That means 5.50 rupees per day. Join Amazon Prime for three months if you want to try.

If you are buying Amazon Prime membership for a year, you have to pay 999 rupees only. That means 2. 7 rupees per day. Isn’t this amazing offer. A wise buyer never misses these opportunities.

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