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Have you ever enrolled in course in which you got your entire course fee back?

That means the course for free.

I don’t think so.

Digital Marketing is one of the courses that are in huge demand and there are hundreds of course providers with varying course fee making it difficult for learners to choose.

Are you looking for a digital marketing course and getting confused after looking at courses online?

Let me tell you my story.

It was year 2013, when I wanted to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I was already doing a course in PLC, SCADA and I asked the trainer to teach me SEO.

On the first day, he gave me a list of 10 websites and asked me to copy-paste the title and description of the course of his training institute on those websites.

I didn’t like the process of learning at all.

There was no session on the basics of SEO and I stopped going to the trainer of SEO.

After that incident, I looked for the Digital Marketing Course in India and every course was almost priced at 50,000 Indian Rupees and there was no surety about getting jobs.

So, I had to give up my plan of learning Digital Marketing.

Now, due to COVID, when I lost my job and looking for a course that can make me self-dependent, I was looking for a Digital Marketing course.

How did I join the course?

I found an email from Deepak Kanakaraju from

And it was about the digital marketing course.

In that email, I was asked to fill up a form to secure my application for the digital marketing course.

Several months ago, I had also received a similar form when I was working in a company and was not sure about devoting my time for the course.

The course fee was 10,000 rupees then.

So, I was hopeful that it will not be around 50,000.

And, I registered myself for the course.

After a few days, I received an email about the digital marketing course launch webinar.

It blew my mind when I got to know about the course content and cashback scheme.

I had almost 14000 rupees which I received from the refund of my cancelled flight tickets.

As I would have chances of getting all my course fee back by completing assignments, I made my mind to enrol for the course.

I borrowed 1000 rupees from my father and paid the course fee.

From the video of the first week, the assignment moved me to believe in my dreams.

I am currently on week 10 and have received almost 6000 rupees back by submitting the assignments.

Course Outline

Let me tell you what you are going to learn in the 16 weeks course including 4 weeks bonus course:

First Week: Realizing your dreams and getting courage and motivation to continue pursuing it

Second Week: Understanding the law of marketing and is it different from Digital Marketing?

Third Week: How to select your profitable niche?

Fourth Week: How to create your Blog?

Fifth Week: Information about Content writing and Copywriting

Sixth Week: How to do marketing on Social Media?

Seventh Week: How to master SEO (search engine optimization)?

Eighth Week: How to generate leads and master it

How to market your products and services through email marketing?

Ninth Week: Master Facebook Ads

Tenth Week: Master Google Ads

Eleventh Week: Master Marketing Automation

Twelfth Week: Mastering the Natural Sales Method

Thirteenth Week: Master Affiliate Marketing

Fourteenth Week: Master Digital Freelancing

Fifteenth Week: Start your own Digital Mentoring Business

Sixteenth Week: Personal Branding and getting your dream Job

I am 100% sure that not a single institution will give you training on all these topics for free.

Yes free!

Because you will get your money back by submitting your assignments.

And you can also earn more than your investment in the course.

A lot of my batch mates got a job offer in week 6 and some of us got clients for their services and got paid for their services too.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are seriously interested in learning Digital Marketing Online for free, apply at the link below:

Digital Marketing Internship Program

And they will contact you with further instructions of course launch.

Who should join?

Please keep in mind, this course is for beginners only.

If you are expert in these things then you should check for a specific course only.

But if you are seriously interested in Learning Digital Marketing as a new skill, then don’t worry about time.

70% of our Batch mates are working professionals and they are able to submit their assignments on time.

You will get one week to two weeks to submit your assignments.

The complete course is framed in a way to push you beyond your comfort zone.

Those assignments will push you get out of your comfort zone and work.

To get cashback, you need to submit an assignment and when you work for an assignment, you will learn.

You will also have doubt clearing session every week by the experts and will get a live session with the expert.

The Trainee can learn a lot from your batch mates and could also find clients amongst them.

You can also get a few digital marketing tools for free or at subsidized cost.

The content writing week only has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I have almost finished writing 17,500 words of my book which I am planning to publish in December.

This internship is going to change you completely: professionally as well as it will change the way you live your life.

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and has forced us to think about different income sources.

And digital marketing is the skill that can help you make money even if you work for part-time.

Free Digital Marketing Course

If you are not ready for 16 weeks Digital Marketing Course then you can also join the Free Digital Marketing Course.

I learn a lot from the Free Digital Marketing Course.

It helped me learn about Facebook pixel for the first time.

And also learned about different tools and methods from this Free Digital Marketing Course.

3 thoughts on “The Best Digital Marketing Course for Free

  1. Indeed a very informative post
    I am Samiksha also part of Digital Marketing internship (DDIP).
    I have learned a lot in this internship. It helped to understand my niche, made me independent. Today I see me as Digital Marketer, Blogger. Thank you to this course
    Last but not least I got a genuis friend like Awadhesh in this internship like minded person.

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