Ek Pawali Chai


As the morning breaks and people awake; whenever a guest arrives; to start a conversation; if there is a feeling of Tiredness or Stress; during Snacks time; during cough & cold; after a stroll; during a chat or a meeting; while getting together; for time pass; In Good Times & Bad Times……….

In all the above situations one thing common and the first thing called upon is “EK PAWALI CHAI (A Cup of Tea)”.

Tea has the Throne place for the most special Beverage among Indians and South Asians.

Why shouldn’t it be? It has all the qualities & features to be tagged the Favourite India Beverage.

Nobody can deny the ecstatic and refreshing taste of tea. Owing to its anti-oxidants, tea serves to be the best Stress Busters. The low cost and Aroma make it the best conversation starter and a cozy drink during chattings and meetings. The ingredients like Ginger, Dry Gourd (South), Basil leaves,  Honey, etc. used in the preparation of drink owe it to be the first instant remedy for cold, cough, and headache. Tea helps to Boost the Metabolic process of the Human body.

No Doubt reading this Blog too you must have started to take a few sips or ordered an Ek Pawali Chai J!

The 2014 Loksabha elections in India witnessed the strongest Tea Effect; when PM candidate Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi & his party used the “Chai Pe Charcha” campaign as an effective tool to for gathering general masses during the rallies and public speeches. The tea sips helped them to connect deep to the en masse in the best possible way.

A lot of people engaged in Sales, marketing, and Business Development use Tea as a key to bridging with clients for Business discussions and sharing of ideas.

As per your mood & taste, you can drink Tea in an according to variant. If you are greeting a guest or feeling tired & stressed, you can have the regular cutting tea prepared along with sugar, water, chai masala, ginger & dry gourd. If suffering from a cold just follow the Grandmother’s old recipe & have tea made with Tulsi/Basil leaves, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon & cloves. For the First Date or starting a conversation a DP “Doodh me Patti” chai (tea made in full cream milk without or very little water, cardamom, sugar, tulsi leaves, and chai masala is the best drink.

A lot can happen over a coffee, But most are possible on an EK Pawali Chai J! 

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